Our Story

Wear Your Confidence

We started Ren2o because we believe an active lifestyle goes beyond improving our bodies physically. Elevating our mood and attitude, it fuels the confidence we need to accomplish anything.

We strive for designs that are not only stylish, but are comfortable and have enough hold to last you through your day whether it’s working out or traveling.

As women, we are constantly changing, constantly evolving. Let our clothes transition with you.



A message from CEO and founder, Rennie:


This brand was started for women to feel confident at any stage of their life. Having an active lifestyle myself, I want clothes that make me stand out while still being comfortable.  

I feel like I can accomplish anything I set out to do after a killer workout. Whether it’s yoga, weightlifting, cross-training, I want others to go after the feeling of being a badass too. This is how “Wear Your Confidence” came about.  

Then one month into starting the company, I found out I was pregnant. I worried about giving up a work out regime, but I decided my pregnancy shouldn’t limit me. Plus, I want to inspire my daughter to be active and teach her that, as long as she believes in herself, she can overcome any endeavors. I want the same for all women, everywhere. I want you to wear your confidence.